Toggle navigation. Passport ranking Border ranking. Information about passport of Somalia where can you go with a passport of Somalia without a visa. See also informations about the borders of Somalia Capital : Mogadishu Population : 8. Passport ranking 36 Countries nationals of Somalia can travel to. Maximum stay of one year for former nationals of the Philippines.

Visa on arrival only applicable if traveling as tourist. Although no visa requirements exist, apply the relevant regulations of France or Spain, whichever must be transited to reach Andorra. P invitation letter. Holding an old Iraqi passport, residence card or identity card are considered sufficient proof of Iraqi origin.

Place of birth in Iraq or having Iraqi parents does not prove being of Iraqi origin. Printed Visa authorization must be presented at the time of travel. Holders of an e-visa must present a printed e-visa confirmation and comply with conditions listed under "Visa Issuance".

Passport information for Somalia, Visa information for SomaliaVisa requirement for nationals of SomaliaVisa requirement for citizens of SomaliaTravel from Somalia.The Somali passport is a passport issued to citizens of Somalia for international travel. Green Passports were formerly used, which have since been replaced with biometric passports to ensure authenticity.

The passports are regulated by the federal government of Somalia. Somalia's former socialist government originally used to issue a non- biometric Green Passport. This travel document still remained in use after the collapse of former President Siad Barre 's regime.

In response to widespread counterfeit Somali passports that subsequently flooded the black market, the Transitional National Government opened a new office in the s to issue official state-approved passports. According to then Foreign Affairs Minister Muhammad Mahmud Shiil, the government would continue issuing old Somali passports with a new dry seal to prevent forgery or duplication, and passports already in circulation would a stamp with the new seal.

The repatriated printing facilities are believed to offer a more responsive passport delivery process. Officially issued by the Somali Immigration Department, the passports now contain built-in security features comparable with other countries.

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According to Somali Immigration Officer, General Abdulaahi Gaafow Mohamoud, the identification document would no longer be accepted for business trips or travel by the end of the month. He added that the Green Passport would be replaced with a new blue model of e-passports that are particularly difficult to forge. Part of a broader initiative to strengthen security, the passport is issued by the Ministry of Interior 's Department of Immigration. Citizens are eligible for the e-passport upon production of government-issued national identity documents and birth certificates.

The Somali passport is not considered as valid travel document by Canada.

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Canada considers any passport issued by Somalia as unreliable document. As of 1 JanuarySomali citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 30 countries and territories, ranking the Somali passport th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley visa restrictions index. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Visa requirements for Somali citizens.

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Visa-free access for Somali citizens. Visa may be issued on arrival.

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Somalia Report. Retrieved 30 October BBC News. People's Daily. Retrieved 14 May Afrol News. HID Global. Retrieved 25 December Retrieved 14 March Palestine Vatican City and Holy See. Sovereign Military Order of Malta. International organizations.

Interpol United Nations. Biometric passport Machine-readable passport.

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Camouflage passport Fake passport Fantasy passport e. World Passport. Maritime Military Postal. Book Category Portal. Categories : Passports by country Government of Somalia. Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata.We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.

We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. You must not travel, including abroad, unless you have a legally permitted reason to do so. It is illegal to travel abroad for holidays and other leisure purposes. If you intend to travel to EnglandScotlandWalesor Northern Ireland from abroad, including UK nationals returning home, you must provide evidence of a negative COVID test result taken up to 3 days before departure.

Before you return to the UK you must provide your journey and contact details. You must self-isolate when you enter the UK from any foreign country except Ireland, unless you have a valid exemption. From 15 February, when entering the UK from a country with a travel ban to the UKyou must quarantine in a government-approved hotel for 10 days.

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When entering Scotland, the hotel quarantine requirement applies on arrival from all countries except Ireland. If you are legally permitted to travel abroad, check our advice on your country of destination. Some other countries have closed borders, and may further restrict movement or bring in new rules including testing requirements with little warning.

You should also consider checking with your transport provider or travel company to make sure your passport and other travel documents meet their requirements. If you do not have this evidence on arrival, then you may have to spend 14 days in quarantine at your own expense in a government approved facility.

Egal International Airport has put in place additional measures to screen passengers arriving into Hargeisa by air, including temperature checks. Those people displaying symptoms linked to the virus may be transferred to a nearby isolation facility while further tests are carried out.

Restrictions remain in place in neighbouring countries, including land border closures and quarantine measures. You should check before travelling to the borders of EthiopiaDjibouti or Kenya. You will need a visa for all travel to Somalia, including Somaliland. You may also be required to provide a letter of invitation on arrival in Somalia outlining the purpose of your travel. You can usually get this from your place of work a hotel booking may also suffice. Without this letter, you could be denied entry.

Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from your date of entry into Somalia, including Somaliland. The British Government is limited in the consular support it can offer in such circumstances.

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Accept all cookies.There seems to be quite some misunderstanding about getting the Somaliland visa. This has to do with the recent visa policy changes.

Somaliland Visa

For this reason we will give you insight information about receiving your visa for your upcoming visit to Somaliland. Note that we try to give you updated information but that visa policies can change during time and we therefore always advise to contact us or the Somaliland Liaison Office for the latest information. This is the easiest and most straightforward way for visitors from the countries listed below. They can get the VOA without pre-arrangement.

Travelers from the following Countries can obtain Visas on Arrival:. B If your country is not listed than you will need to pre-arrange the Visa on Arrival in advance. We can pre-arrange the Visa on Arrival for you. Should be valid at least 6 months longer than your visa expiry date.

Note that the transfer to our Business Bank Account can take longer. Las Geel Tour is our most popular tour and sightseeing site in Somaliland. It is a must see for every visitor in the region.

The paintings are remarkable Somaliland Visa. Somaliland Visa There seems to be quite some misunderstanding about getting the Somaliland visa. Enjoy your stay! Passport Requirements Should be valid at least 6 months longer than your visa expiry date. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months. Laas Geel Tour.View Alerts and Messages Archive. Yellow Fever vaccination is not required, but most countries transited by airlines flying in and out of Somalia require proof of vaccination.

Please visit the U. Visit the Permanent Mission of the Somali Republic to the United Nations website, the Somali Department of Immigration and Naturalization website, or the nearest Somali embassy or consulate for visa information.

The U. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. In an emergency, you will have to rely on your own resources or journey to the nearest U. Frequently, their aim is unprotected or vulnerable targets, such as:. Inter-clan and factional violence are also regular occurrences throughout Somalia.

Terrorist attacks involving the indiscriminate use of explosive devices and other weapons can take place in Somalia at any time without warning. Somali authorities have limited capacity and resources to investigate and prosecute criminal activity.

Reports of minors and young adults being held in these facilities against their will and physically abused are common. Kidnapping, improvised explosive devices, and grenade attacks targeting international aid workers and civilians occur. Report crimes to the local police nearest to you and contact the U. Embassy in Kenya at 20 during business hours or 20 outside business hours. Remember that local authorities are responsible for investigating and prosecuting crime.

Embassy in Kenya for assistance. Tourists participate in activities at their own risk. Emergency response and subsequent appropriate medical treatment are not available in-country. See our webpage for more information on insurance providers for overseas coverage. If you violate local laws, even unknowingly, you may be expelled, arrested, or imprisoned.

You may be taken in for questioning by the police if unable to produce an acceptable form of identification. Convictions for possessing, using, or trafficking in illegal drugs result in long prison sentences and heavy fines. Local courts operate under a combination of Somali customary and Islamic law, some of which may be hostile towards foreigners. Individuals establishing a business or practicing a profession that requires additional permits or licensing should seek information from the relevant local authorities prior to practicing or operating a business.

Furthermore, some crimes are also prosecutable in the United States, regardless of local law. Embassy in Kenya immediately. Furthermore, dual U.

somaliland passport application

You could be detained or arrested, fined, and have your equipment confiscated. Do not take photos of people without their permission. SIM cards can be purchased locally and used with a compatible cell phone.

Be advised that most Somali shillings in circulation are believed to be counterfeit.Anyone who wishes to do a name change either through Marriage, Divorce or Deed Poll should apply for a new passport. Hello I want to ask. I would like to say thank you in advance to have time to review my email as I have small issue with my passport. As you know there is no Empasy in uk for Somalia to Renew the passport and my passport have expired. Salaam alikuum I have a small question my passport expired and I need to renew my passport I live in the united kingdom but there is no way I can come to Belgium what can I do and also I have the new Somalian passport the latest one please help me I live in Leicester UK and also how much is it to renew passport.

Somali Passport Home Somali Passport.

Somaliland passport

Original and a photocopy of certified Birth Certificate from Home Country. Fingerprints must be submitted with the application. Receipt of payment for passport application fees from the embassy. Renewing Passport for Adults: Completed passport application form. Completed passport application form.

somaliland passport application

A photocopy of the lost or stolen passport and a photocopy of your residence permit Card. Saeeda Hello I want to ask. And how much do I have to buy? Sameera Ahmed Salaam alikuum I have a small question my passport expired and I need to renew my passport I live in the united kingdom but there is no way I can come to Belgium what can I do and also I have the new Somalian passport the latest one please help me I live in Leicester UK and also how much is it to renew passport.

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Thank you very much pm - March 21, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment Here.Complete our easy online application and pay with credit card or PayPal.

Print courier label we provide and send your travel documentation. Receive your passport with stamped Visa via courier and present it upon entry to destination country. Your embassy will assist you if an emergency eg. Natural disasters, civil unrest, etc occur. Somalia is a country located in the Horn of Africa, and even though most Westerners are advised not to travel there, we cannot overlook the fact that the country has some fantastic attractions.

There are two things that may get your attention in Somalia. One of them is the many historical caves. It is easy to feel like Indiana Jones on one of his mysteries when you are exploring those caves. The second attraction is the multitude of beaches in Somalia.

somaliland passport application

Some of them are superb and perfect for a swim - not to mention that the scenery is stunning. We recommend that you visit the Zeila Coast and the Mogadishu beach. Just keep in mind that women must swim fully clothed since Sharia Law is enforced in Somalia. Before you travel to Somalia, you need to see if you need a visa. In fact, you certainly need a visa. The document allows you to stay within the country for up to 30 days.

One thing that you need to remember is that not all points of entry issue visas on arrival. Only 5 of them do, and you are required to use them if you want a visa on arrival. Since we are all clear on the fact that everyone needs a visa for Somalia, our Visa Checker is not of much help. However, you can use it to obtain other valuable information.

All you have to do is select your country of origin from the left drag-down menu and Somalia as the destination in the right menu. At the same time, since other types of visas are not available, iVisa cannot help with the visa application process. Nevertheless, we want to help. The next thing you need to do before going to Somalia is learning about the visa requirements. You can do that online because the internet is full of information.

However, we recommend that you use it as a reference only because not everything you find online is reliable. The best thing you could do is call the issuing authority and make your inquiries there. They can give you the most reliable information. In the meantime, we can tell you that all foreigners who travel to Somalia need to have a valid passport that remains valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival.